Frequently Asked Questions

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Company FAQs

Absolutely! SweetHome Exterior has the proper licensing and insurance necessary to run our fencing operations all across the Greater Houston Area.

SweetHome Exterior has the reputation and necessary experience to handle all types of fencing jobs, from residential properties to commercial spaces. We run our business with integrity and quality and work to provide every customer with the security solutions they need most. When you need a custom job done, our team handles it from design to completion. Reach out today and speak with one of our team members to get your questions answered.

We install a wide range of fence types all across Houston and other parts of the Greater Houston Area. The best fence for your needs depends on what your main priorities are! If you're looking for high security, privacy, or a decorative accent, we have many options available that are high quality and long-lasting.

Yes! We often use our professional expertise to help customers with the best fence design to fit their needs. Our team of pros are happy to answer your questions and find the best fencing solution available.

Wood Fence FAQs

It's up to you! Some of our Greater Houston Area wood fence customers choose to split the cost of fence installation and occasionally ongoing maintenance with their neighbors when the fence is installed on their property line. However, some customers choose to pay for the fence themselves.

Pressure-treated pine has been treated to resist rot, decay, and pests to make a beautiful, long-lasting fence. On the other hand, Western Red Cedar is naturally resistant to rotting and decay and is usually considered more attractive and longer-lasting than pine. Pine is a more affordable option but is less popular in the Greater Houston Area area.

Absolutely! Wood is a natural material that will fade, discolor, rot, or break down without proper maintenance. Staining and sealing your fence helps it resist wear and tear, keeping your fence strong and beautiful for years to come. Additionally, professional staining and sealing services apply an even layer of stain to protect the entirety of your fence.

With proper maintenance, wood fences can last for 12-15 years. Proper maintenance includes regularly checking the fence for signs of rotting or damage, as well as staining and sealing the fence. Having your fence built and installed by professionals, like the team at SweetHome Exterior, will also ensure that your fence is strong, does not lean or sag, and is able to last for many years in the Greater Houston Area elements.

Our team of efficient, professional fence installers can install approximately 100 feet of fence each day. When we are walking your property to give you an accurate quote, we can tell you approximately how long the installation will take.

Stain and Seal FAQs

The frequency of staining depends on various factors, such as the type of wood, weather conditions, and sun exposure. As a general guideline, it is recommended to stain your fence every 2-3 years for optimal protection and appearance.

Staining your fence provides several advantages, including protection against weathering, UV rays, and moisture typical in the Greater Houston Area area. It also enhances the natural beauty of the wood, adds longevity to the fence, and helps resist rotting, warping, and insect damage.

Yes, our staining services offer a wide range of colors and finishes to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer a natural look or want to match a specific aesthetic, we can help you select the right stain that complements your property.

Different stain colors and finishes may have varying maintenance needs. We will guide you in selecting a stain that suits your desired level of maintenance, ensuring you have a clear understanding of how to care for your stained fence properly.

The duration of the staining process depends on the size and condition of your fence. Our team will assess your project and provide an estimated timeframe, ensuring efficient and timely completion.

While staining a fence can be a DIY project, hiring professionals ensures high-quality results and saves you time and effort. Our experienced team has the expertise and equipment to deliver precise and even staining, ensuring superior protection and a flawless finish.

Irrigation FAQs

Irrigation is the process of supplying water to land areas to aid in agricultural growth or landscaping. It plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy plants, gardens, and lawns by ensuring they receive the right amount of water at the right time.

An irrigation system consists of various components such as pipes, valves, sprinklers, and timers. Water is pumped through the system and distributed evenly across the desired area. The timer controls the irrigation schedule, allowing for automated watering. We will install a custom irrigation system for your Greater Houston Area property.

In Texas, only a Texas licensed irrigator can make the installation. It is necessary to hire experienced professionals for all sized projects, from simple to complex systems. Designing and installing an efficient and effective irrigation system requires expertise to ensure proper water distribution and minimize water waste. We are licensed and insured!

License number: LI0020281 - BP0015897

An irrigation system offers numerous benefits, including water conservation, time savings, and increased plant health. By delivering water at opportune times, an irrigation system reduces evaporation and ensures plants receive the necessary moisture for optimal growth. It also eliminates the need for manual watering, saving you time and effort.

An efficient irrigation system can help conserve water by delivering precise amounts of water directly to your landscaping. Unlike manual watering methods, which can often result in overwatering or uneven distribution, an irrigation system ensures water is utilized efficiently, reducing water waste.

Absolutely! Our team of experts will work closely with you to design an irrigation system tailored to your specific needs. Whether you have a small residential garden or a large commercial property, we can create a customized solution that meets your unique requirements.